Patio Pro – 300x300cm

5699 kr

Trying to bring a great atmosphere and appearance to your garden, while offering a sleek design? The Solero Patio parasol may be the best choice for you. This trendy designer parasol has a solid frame with a glossy silver coating. Of course you can choose from a wide range of trendy cloth colors.

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Longtime quality

The special Solero O’Bravia canopy fabrics are made to an impeccably high standard and are completely fade-resistant. Green will still be green years from now. Furthermore, the parasol cloth is kept tight by its integrated ribs.

No doubt about it, this is a truly beautiful parasol, especially when combined with the Solero Accento click-on lighting. Want to know more? Download our brochure or contact us!

Opening and closing this Patio parasol is simple. By pulling the cord slightly downwards, you loosen it. If you let it slip through your fingers you will see that the umbrella closes very easily. Besides that, the Patio can be used with a ground anchor, a fillable base or a granite base.

While a ground anchor is very stable, it is not flexible. It’s then that the fillable base comes in handy, because when you clear the water or sand from the base, it becomes lightweight and mobile once more. This makes the base very easy to use in your backyard or while camping.